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    Greetings from WYRM one final time.

    We are still in the midst of reviewing/critiquing the stories of finalists, but everyone should have their prize money.

    Right now, we just want to give this Gauntlet the right sendoff, and to do that, we need to mention the people who made it possible. That means saying thank-you, and probably giving a glimpse or two behind the scenes of the competition.

    First of all, fun fact. This is, and has been, the 10th anniversary of the Gauntlet. It sort of sneaked up on us, you know. And with little time to plan something special, at least we can say we traveled time together. We were enriched by second-person POV stories, each one written in remembrance of a character. We can say we explored fanfiction, and then took a single movie trailer to its wildest potential. We can say we’ve stuck together for a decade. And, even if you don’t pursue us beyond this competition, we would be remiss if we didn’t honor the individuals responsible for a decade of work and uncommon cool. So, Gauntleteers, this is how we say goodbye:

    Gauntlet imagery by: Khanh Mai
    Gauntlet site design and hosting provided by: Khanh Mai
    Gauntlet Judges for 2016: Chy Burch, Beth Sadler, Gale Peterson, and Steven Lugo
    Gauntlet Challenges by: Chy Burch, Khanh Mai, and Steven Lugo
    Editor/Event Promoter Guy: Steven Lugo
    The Gauntlet owes its identity to: a group called WYRM
    The Gauntlet was based on a concept by: Steven Lugo

    Special Thanks to: Ralan Conley, who listed our weird event for the fourth straight year. To Codex, who spread the word. And to fanfiction writer kvikindi. Our hand is touching your hand.

    Until next time, be well, be brave, and be at your best. May you hold onto your Gauntlet spirit all New Year long.


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