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    Steven Lugo

    Gauntlet Fan #1: You know, I’m surprised they keep letting us announce the Gauntlet Champions every year. I mean, it’s an honor for fanatics like us.
    Gauntlet Fan #2: Seeing the way you carry on, I’m more surprised they haven’t kicked us both out of the venue by now.
    Fan #1: I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now, gimme your hot dog so I can throw it at people.
    Fan #2: Jeez! How about you take a page out of the Gauntleteers’ book, and concentrate? Stick to what you’re good at–making dope announcements.
    Fan #1: And only now do you share your true feelings…

    Notwithstanding the rowdiness of the crowd, but taking in all their undeniable passion, WYRM says this. We’ve watched you all for four rounds, watched you rise from a record-breaking pool of 58 writers, and while we’ve been judges, we’re fans, too. Congratulations, and thank you for taking the plunge. And, hooray for the first year of increased prizes! Now, on to what we’re all here for.

    This year’s 2nd Runner-Up is a newcomer who certainly made a great first impression. This Gauntlet, we learned that Red is much more than a color. Red is also a fine writer and reviewer. Indeed, you behaved like a pro. As the 2nd Runner-Up, you will receive $65.00, and an in-depth review/critique on a short piece or chapter of your choosing. Congratulations! We’ll email you to work it all out!

    Our First Runner-Up, on the other hand, is someone we’re quite familiar with. Flintonlaubakersmith is actually kind of infamous in Gauntlet circles. He pretty much shows up whenever and wherever he wishes, and it’s all down hill from there. Well, in a good way of course. Word of advice to unsuspecting Gauntleteers: if you see his name up on the contestants’ board, be ready to bring out your best. Baker, allow us to reach into our little black bag like the Wizard of Oz, and bestow upon you an in-depth review on a piece of your choosing, and $85.00. We’ll be in touch soon!

    And what can we say about this–this destroyer from the Mediterranean? Apart from, move over Giannis Antetokounmpo, we’ve got our own Greek Freak! She has returned after a four-year-long hiatus from competition, and done something only one other person has been able to do, and that’s to do it once again. To win the duel of all duels a second time. And so, from the bottom of our hearts, from 58 strong, from the bughouse, from the gutter, this one goes to you: an in-depth critique on a piece you choose, a handsome Championship Pin, and $200. As before, we can also share a sample of your winning story here on the site, and share your links. Congratulations, Dimitra Nikolaidou, Gauntlet Champion 2019. We’ll be contacting you about all of it!

    …but that isn’t quite all, everybody. We’ve got an End Credit Reel coming, where we share behind-the-scenes stuff, and we need your stories for review! Keep the fire burning until it really is time to say goodbye.



    Congrats, Dimitra!

    I’m honoured to receive first runner-up. Woohoo! (The last time I made the top three, I was second runner-up. Which means that next time… 😉 )

    Thanks for running another great contest, Wyrm…ians(?)



    Oh I am thrilled! Than you so much for the opportunity to challenge myself, especially with the final piece. Once again, I had the time of my life here.
    I am also putting Destroyer from the Mediterrannean in all my bios from now on. It will go nicely with the pin.

    PS 1: I would love to have the Promised Void reviewed

    PS 2: Iowa is doing its MOOC again for anyone interested: https://iowa.novoed.com/#!/courses/hidden-meanings/flyer

    PS 3: I have no particular fear of flowers. Or people named Lena.


    Chy Burch

    An absolutely fabulous final round! It never ceases to amaze me what Guantleteers can come up with based on our prompts and time constraints!

    Congratulations to all three of you and thank you for your Gauntlet runs!

    Also, I am glad to know, Dimitra, that you have no particular fear of plants. Though I’m not completely sure I’m convinced. 😂

    I’m going to be thinking about that ending in the Void for some time.



    Oh, that’s the best compliment!
    Or should I apologize? I am not sure.



    That was thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you for the inspiration and I am more than looking forward to next year.

    A review of my final entry would be great.

    Congratulations all around!


    Chy Burch

    And while we await these fabled End Credits, I give you all the song that has been stuck in my head since Round One:

    “The King” by Piebald

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