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    Steven Lugo

    Second Challenge: Don’t Dream It’s Over

    This challenge is about so much more than a Crowded House reference.

    If you thought you had put last round’s story behind you, and that you were through sifting around the mind of Ellison, you’d better think again. Except, this time, you get to do things your own way, and take the story further than before. The author, I think we can agree, left us in a tough spot. This challenge is about taking the reins up yourself, and continuing the tale.

    Your next challenge is to write a sequel to “He Who Grew Up Reading Sherlock Holmes.” You are free to write in your own style, and make things more coherent and accessible. But you are not rewriting from the ground up. Use what Ellison established, however little, and build upon it. Want to take this in a new direction? That’s fine. Want to create your own mystery? That’s fine too.

    You have one week to write this short story. As per usual there is no word limit, and there are no restrictions against graphic content. The only real restriction is this. While many of you have been open about your distaste for this story, wholesale rejections of the source material will not cut much ice with the judges in this round. Similarly, neither will your parlor tricks.

    Send all stories via our submission form (same one as last round). If there are any questions, this forum is the place to ask them. Email is okay, but this is much faster.

    Deadline: Thursday, September 20 @ 10PM EST

    All the best in your writing,



    How’re folks getting on?

    I reckon I’m close to finishing draft one.

    Not going to be a lot of time to do more.


    Steven Lugo

    I was thinking the same thing, Clive. [leans forward in great anticipation of stories]

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