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    Steven Lugo

    Gauntlet survivors, it’s time for some fresh territory in the here and now. It’s back to reviewing again, but we’re moving away from controversy and toward the world of a certain fandom. We call this round:

    Third Challenge: “Leaf on the Wind”

    Your next challenge is to pursue a fanfiction penned by famous author, Steven Brust. He wrote a novel based upon the TV series Firefly sometime ago, entitled My Own Kind of Freedom. You may read the entire story if you wish, but we want a review of the prologue and first chapter only.

    This is another one-week challenge. In a normal review, we’d be asking if you liked the story or not. We’d be looking for your thoughts on characterization, plot, storytelling, format, all of those things. Well, we want that in this review, but we also want more.

    Since you are being tasked with reviewing a fanfiction, we want to know if you think the story is able to function without a reader needing familiarity with Firefly or Serenity. If you are already familiar with the series, tell us if you think Brust’s interpretation of the characters works. Are they true to the original? Since you are being tasked with reviewing just a prologue and first chapter, tell us if you think this beginning will set up the rest of the novel well. And obviously, tell us why it will, or why it won’t. Where will the story go? If you read ahead, then, where should the story go?

    There are a few different ways available to download this story for free, all of which can be found by scrolling down to the “My Own Kind of Freedom” journal entry, using the link above. Let us know if you have any issues.

    There are no word length limits or restrictions on your imagination in this challenge. Just submit a review via our Submission Form by this deadline: Monday, Oct 1 @10PM EST

    This is the round which determines our finalists, so make it a memorable one.

    All the best,



    Well, that was an interesting read.

    Cogitating time!



    Just sent my entry in.

    So, who is everyone’s favorite Firefly character?



    The widow Zoe Washburne…


    Steven Lugo




    I loved the relationship between Simon and River.

    Also, Kaylee.

    And Mal.

    Okay, so all of them.


    Chy Burch

    My favorite thing about the characters is their interactions with one another, so it’s been impossible for me to single any out. Also, I’ve been thinking about this too hard.

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