Rounds & Challenges

This is the place to go to see what your current challenge is. Check this page often to keep up to speed. Our prompts are provided on the day a round begins. We run four rounds in this competition, and each round is a delightful (and harrowing) surprise to our Gauntleteers. We find this keeps them on their toes and at the top of their game. Got any questions? Consult our Guidelines or FAQs. Still need some clarification? Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Round One (Closed)

“Paper Tiger”

Read and review Ken Liu’s “Paper Menagerie”, and offer your views on the story’s true significance.

Begins: 8/25/17 @ 10PM EST

Deadline: 9/8/17 @ 10PM EST

Round Two (Closed)

“The Unreliable Narrator”

Write a speculative fiction story from the POV of the unknown quantity in Corpse Husband’s YouTube video.

Begins: 9/12/17 @ 10PM EST

Deadline: 9/19/17 @ 10PM EST

Round Three (Closed)

“Take Me Back to the Start”

Choose a speculative fiction novel that you love, and review its first chapter.

Begins: 9/23/17 @ 10PM EST

Deadline: 9/30/17 @ 10PM EST

Round Four (Closed)

“A Distant Place and Time”

Write a speculative fiction story set in the location we assign you. Or, make a trade. Just don’t write any stories set in present day.

Begins: 10/4/17 @ 10PM EST

Deadline: 10/18/17 @ 10PM EST

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