The Champion is Travis Burnham. Heard of him? We have.

That’s right, all, the 2016 Gauntlet has concluded, and we’ve just crowned a new champion! Along with stellar, ironman performances from Alexis A. Hunter and Michael Anthony Ashley, the Final Round saw Travis Burnham walk away with the title. Travis becomes the 10th champion in WYRM’s Gauntlet history, and just the fourth of the new age. Let me introduce you to Travis. In fact, let Travis do that in his own words, then be sure to check him out elsewhere on social media and around the web.

Travis Burnham is an SF/F writer and science teacher. His work has previously appeared in Far Fetched Fables, Bad Dreams Entertainment, South85 Journal, and SQ Quarterly. Originally from New England, he’s lived in Japan, Colombia, and the Mariana Islands, and currently lives in Upstate South Carolina with his wife and pup. He’s a bit of a nomad, having bungee jumped in New Zealand, hiked portions of the Great Wall of China, and gone scuba diving in Bali. He’s got some novels looking for homes and can be found online at travisburnham.blogspot.com and travisburnhambooks.com.

Right now, you can check out a sample of Travis’ winning story “The Long, Small Hours”.

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