Author: Steven Lugo

New Champion Crowned, Full Gauntlet Results

A big congratulations goes out to Wilma Combs, our new Gauntlet Champion, who secured victory with her story, “In the Teeth of the Earth.” We’ll be learning more about her and her work in the coming days.

We’d also like to congratulate First Runner-Up Gustavo Bondoni, and Second Runner-Up Nina Shepardson, who survived to the very end with strong entries all tournament long.

Read more about it!


Final Challenge: The Phantom Word

The round to decide it all. 3 Gauntleteers now face this:

Final Challenge: “The Phantom Word”

In your final Gauntlet story ‘the word’ cannot exist. It must not be found. The concept, on the other hand, should ring as clearly as a bell. It should be fully understood. This word, this concept, in question is entirely up to you.

Your Final Challenge is to write a speculative fiction short story within the next two weeks. We want this story to center upon a concept which you never quite articulate. Remember, they didn’t say the word ‘zombie’ in The Walking Dead.

Results are in!

In round 3, Firefly made a comeback! After reviewing Steven Brust’s fanfiction chapter based on the cult series, the Gauntlet produced its 2018 finalists. Congratulations to:




No rest for the wicked, I’m afraid. The Final Challenge is on tomorrow.



Results in for Round 2!

Take it from us, “Don’t Dream It’s Over” produced some great material, and now 5 Gauntleteers have risen up to face the next challenge! Congratulations to:






Onto the next round!

First Round Results

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are the 8 who survived 2018’s 1st Challenge:


Congratulations, and be back tomorrow night for your next challenge!

First Round Closes

That’s the end of the first challenge. Judging has begun, so look for results just a few days from now on Sep 12th. To the 30+ who entered our contest this year, and the 20+ who turned in entries, thank you for participating in the Harlan Ellison Memorial Round, and welcome to the Gauntlet!

Sign-Ups For 2018 Have Closed!

You can still be a Spectator, but active competition will have to wait until next year. We have 34 entrants for the 2018 tournament, which is 1 shy of tying the all-time record set in 2015, and nearly double our number from last year. Way to go!