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    Steven Lugo

    [Crackle, crackle]

    If you are hearing this, then you have made it to an arena not many have had the guts to see. You are in the one true Gauntlet, where dreams and nightmares become reality, and cocky wordsmiths find out how good they actually are. Get ready, get set, get into the grind. The rounds hit hard, and they don’t slow down for anyone.

    1st Challenge: The Storybook

    Your first challenge is to review “King Midas and the Golden Touch.” It’s typically thought of as a children’s story, but that shouldn’t matter. In your review, identify the SF elements within it, along with any adult themes.

    Is there a more basic ritual of language performed by humans than that of a parent reading to their children? Here, we have a Greek folk story that was read to many of us as kids, and we would like to know just how important it is. A version of this story (there are many) can be found here.

    In a way, this review is like any other. We are asking for an analysis of storytelling, and above all, your opinion of the material. But we’re also pretty damn sure that this story is speculative fiction. Do you agree? If so, what are the SF elements? And if not, why?

    Invariably, there are adult themes in works designed for children. Sometimes, they are clearer in kids’ stories than in stories intended for adults, which leaves us wondering who these tales are really meant for to begin with. Tell us what you find in “King Midas and the Golden Touch”. Why should it be important to us now, all these years later, our childhoods over?

    You are free to use any and all means to explain this to us, so long as they find their way into our submission form.

    Your deadline is Tuesday, September 24 @10PM Eastern Standard Time.

    Remember, while we have over 50 entrants for this round, only eight can survive to face the next challenge.

    Leave me now, the moon is up, but remember the tales I tell.



    Just a question: do we have to review this particular version of Midas’ story, or can we go with any version?
    I am asking because though the bones of the story (and thus the possible SF elements) are similar, the tone of this version is more fairy tale than myth, plus, it substitutes the god Dionysus for a wizard. I understand from the post though, that we can review the myth in general?


    I was wondering the same thing as Dimitra. 🙂



    I am hearing this – but am still not in the list of gauntleteers. And although I can access the forum, I can’t submit – “Sorry, you have to be a Gauntleteer in order to submit an entry.” I registered for the WordPress site as well as the gauntlet about 7 days ago, then tried to re-register for the gauntlet when I didn’t see my name in the list, only to be told I was already registered. So I filled out a contact form on Sep 9th to inquire, but haven’t heard anything back. Far as I can tell, it seems like I’m half-registered…? Anyone out there who can help?


    Chy Burch

    Dimitra, Baker: What you need to know is that this is the version the judges will have definitely read recently. Any other version you bring up might not be fresh in our minds. But technically, yes.

    Bobberu, you’ll have to wait for Steven to tackle that one. I’m sure he’ll be along directly.


    Steven Lugo

    Hey there, Bobberu, looks like you also had signed up as a ‘Gauntlet Spectator’, which explains why you were unable to submit. Honestly thinking of scrapping the spectator role/option. It just seems to confuse people, and no one uses it for its designed purpose anyhow. (To heckle Gauntleteers without having to actually enter!)

    In any event, I changed your status, and will place you on the Current Gauntleteers list shortly. Lemme know if you’re still having trouble.



    I’m having the same problem. I go to register but it says I’m registered. I probably also signed up under spectator not realizing it wasn’t signing up for the competition.



    Great challenge! Did I miss a word count limit?


    Steven Lugo

    There is no word count limit!

    Hawthorn, you did indeed, so I changed your role also.



    The website says that we will get an acknowledgement of our submissions. I’ve submitted, but haven’t gotten the acknowledgement yet. With the deadline so close, I just wanted to make sure I did it right…



    Like Melandra, I have the same question. I submitted but didn’t receive confirmation.



    Hello, just submitted mine too! Good luck to everyone!

    As for the submission confirmation, perhaps they mean the message that’s displayed right after we submit our entry? It did say that I successfully submitted it.



    V.T.Pseftaki – I didn’t even think of that. I thought that we were getting an email or something to confirm. Maybe you are right on that.



    Well, that was a mess. I hope you all enjoy it. I have to admit, I didn’t know this was an essay contest when I entered. My results were … interesting. I did have a good time. I look forward to the results.


    Steven Lugo

    I can assure you that we have received the entries of all concerned parties. Some even thought it would be best to enter two or three times!

    And an ‘essay contest’ eh? If you fail to escape round 1 then I guess you could call it that mwahahaha.

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