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    Chy Burch

    Our brave Gauntleteers have read of King Midas and shared with us the ins and outs of myth and morals. Now it’s time for the eight who have arrived at Round Two to create their own stories.

    2nd Challenge: The Writing on the….

    Your second challenge is to write a speculative fiction short story in which the sentence “Live with it” is written on something. What (or who) bears this sentence is up to you, as is its part in the story. It need not be the centerpiece of your tale, but it should affect the story in some way.

    You have one week. We do not restrict your content beyond the prompt. That prompt includes the bit about utilizing any of the plethora of speculative fiction genres, so don’t come at us with a tale that’s completely based in mundane reality.

    There are no word count restrictions, but do consider the time constraint.

    We’re leaving punctuation out of the prompt sentence to allow you to add any you like—or leave it off completely. Add words, misspellings, turn it upside down—whatever. Just make sure those three words appear in that order, without words in between them, on something or someone within the story.

    We absolutely value compelling characters, interesting plots, and good writing. Poor proofreading can skew all of those. Show us what you can do within the span of a week.

    Deadline: Saturday, Oct. 5th @ 10PM EST

    Note that deadline and heed it. There was a bit of confusion about Round 1’s deadline, and understandably so. The site’s clock doesn’t line up and the master of Keeping All That Stuff Straight fell ill. There may or may not have been some entries that came in late. If so, everything was fine this time. But Steven is on the mend, and will be here to sort out any late entries at the end of Round Two. Make sure you know how 10PM EST coordinates to your time zone, so you don’t miss that deadline.

    And just a reminder: This forum is here for your questions, true, but it’s also here for conversation. It’s here for cheering and for blowing off steam with the only other people who truly know what you’re going through during these challenges. Don’t be shy about using it.



    so far I’ve got as far as a list of questions to try and jump off from.
    setting? nope
    characters? nope
    genre/s? nope



    I have made a start! Opening scene drafted. Gonna let it settle a bit and come back tomorrow to work on this. ^_^


    Woot to the woot!

    For anyone with time zone related confusion, I recommend checking out: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/


    Well, I have an idea, an outline, and a few throwaway lines. Now just to write the thing!

    How are the rest of you faring?



    I thiiiink mine’s done. Uploaded it now, then I’ll see if I have any edits before the deadline. This way my ass is covered, haha. ^_^


    I’ve tossed my metaphorical hat into the ring as well. Good thing, too, because I’ll be out of town on Saturday with no Internets.

    Good luck, all!



    I could really do with the extra time that we lost at the beginning of the week…


    Chy Burch

    Is there “extra time” in the Gauntlet? Nope.

    But seriously, though, where was time lost? The challenge was posted at exactly 168 hours before the deadline, exactly one week, as promised for Round Two. If you’re perceiving any lost time, we need to address it, whether for Gauntlet or speculative fiction interests.



    Oh, please, not a complaint of unfairness. More A gripe that my week hasn’t gone as planned and writing time has been squeezed.

    If necessary I will be crowding that 3am (my time) submission deadline.



    Finally finished. This was as steep a rollecoaster as I remembered it.


    Chy Burch

    Don’t scare the person who posted the challenge in Steven’s absence like that, Torello! I’m paranoid enough already. (And thank you clearing that up.)

    And to everyone–best of luck on this slide toward the deadline. We can’t wait to read all eight!



    Did i do it, did i make it? I hope i Indiana Jones’ed it, (you know barely making it before the ceiling squished me), and i didnt just smack flat into the wall that is the deadline. Now i get why you call this a gauntlet. 😛


    Steven Lugo

    That’s the spirit, Dain!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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