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    Steven Lugo

    With this bulletin, the Gauntlet will close out for another year. For this writer it will be a memorable one for a couple of reasons. The first being that we set a record for the number of entrants into the competition at 58, and because I was going so hard with my WYRM crew that I landed myself in the Goddamn hospital. I guess I know to be ready when everything hits at once.

    We found new ways on social media to get the word out about the Gauntlet this year, so that to set our record we didn’t even rely on an official contest listing. We learned that there are so many talented writers from around the world, and were lucky enough to meet some of them in the forums. Some have joined our FB group, and we encourage you to do the same. We’re a lot more hopping during Gauntlet season, but even when it isn’t, you can still talk about anything writing or genre fiction-related there: WYRM’s Gauntlet.

    And that last round–yeah, even we can be scared.

    So let’s load the bullet points, roll these credits, and see what was what behind the scenes in 2019.

    * Our website is designed and hosted by: Khanh Mai

    * All Gauntlet graphics were created by: Khanh Mai

    * The WYRM’s Gauntlet Championship pin was created by: Khanh Mai and Alum & Ink

    * Your judges have been: Chy Burch, Stephanie Cassey, Gale Peterson, Beth Sadler, Tobias Bachman, and Steven Lugo

    * Challenges were crafted by: Chy Burch, Gale Peterson, Stephanie Cassey, and Steven Lugo

    * Gauntlet social media accounts have been run by: Sheila Beebe and Steven Lugo

    * The Gauntlet is from the imagination of: Steven Lugo

    * Special thanks to: Erin Cashier, Tales of the Wyrd (which is a workshop not a magazine), Chy Burch (who took my panicked messages from the emergency room at 1 in the morning), Open Call, and all the alchemists and greedy kings of history who made this all possible.

    We are WYRM, this is the Gauntlet, and we still have a few reviews to write. It’s been, as they say, real. Really, really real.

    Until we meet again, until you see that oncoming storm, we sincerely hope that you keep moving onward.



    Well, my curiosity has been partially satisified! Thank you for the contest and the post, and here it is to next year!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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