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    Steven Lugo

    It felt like a triumphant return! But, it was also a lot of stumbling and learning for us, those who lurk behind the scenes of the Gauntlet.

    Frankly, we weren’t sure how it would go. It had been a year, and the world was different. Would the Gauntlet be remembered, and what would the level of interest be? Our expectations hadn’t changed, but what about the attitudes of writers from around the world? We’re happy to report that, despite any difficulties, there are still people out there who dream, work hard, and tell stories. At the end of the day, that’s all it really takes.

    As for us, we’re still reviewing the winners’ stories. And, we look forward to who will show up one day to impress us, and inspire us. Who will it be? Who can take the title from our Greek Juggernaut? Is there anyone?

    Before we go through these credits for the Gauntlet 2021, we have a warning. We’re planning some changes for next year, changes that might make the contest harder, and hopefully, harder to forget about. When that time comes, let’s hope we’re ready. It will be a spectacular time, a time when we’ll be able to say, “Make room in your life. Make room in your hearts. This is WYRM’s Gauntlet! And we belong to it.”

    Your 2021 Gauntlet Judges have been: Chy Burch, J.B. Ezar, and Steven Lugo

    Challenges were created by: Chy Burch, J.B. Ezar, Nina Shepardson, Khanh Mai, and Steven Lugo

    All graphics related to the Gauntlet, and the Gauntlet website, were created by: Khanh Mai

    Special Thanks to: Open Call’s publication listing, Karen Jay Fowler for her brilliant First Round story, Tor.Com’s list of recommended short fiction, and Anyone Who Has Ever Thought Seriously About Time and Time Travel. Thank you for your dreams. One day we’ll get there.

    Basically, that’s it. Some of you won, and some of you came close. But life goes on, and we’ll be back. Thank you for making the journey, and remember to keep the Gauntlet spirit alive. All. Year. Long.

    All the Best,

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