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    Steven Lugo

    Final Challenge: Time Enough For Us

    You’ve traversed the wasteland to get here, and survived elimination. Now, alas, we present the ultimate obstacle.

    Your Final Challenge is to write a story about time travel. However, in your story, no characters are allowed to travel through time.

    We want the best story you can write in 2 weeks, a story which fits the prompt. That means, it can’t see one of your characters travel through time. This includes having a character just get back from a trip through time so they can talk about it. In other words, don’t cheese it.

    WYRM will judge your entry on all the key things that make a good story, like character development, plot, storytelling, and mechanics. But also consider a couple of other things that WYMR looks for. That’s 1) how well you use the prompt, and 2) that you get your entry in on time.

    We can understand the desire to write a novel-length epic entry, but if it can’t be done within the two-week time constraints, maybe don’t do that.

    With that being said, we will hold you to no word limit, and have no restrictions on graphic content. We just want good time travel stories (where no characters actually travel through time).

    As ever, you can post your questions and comments in the forum here. We hope you’re as excited as we are about what the future may hold for this challenge.

    Deadline: Wednesday, November 3rd @10PM EST

    Luck will have nothing to do with it,


    Steven Lugo

    Here we are, several days into the challenge, and I’m just dying of curiosity. Have the three musketeers begun their stories yet? Do the parameters of the Final Round even make them bat an eyelash? Have they got even the slightest hint of trash talk within themselves?



    I have started work on a time machine. I will go back in time, write this story, put it in a drawer and come back to 2021 to find it ready.
    No trash talking, sorry. But if we ever play backgammon together, I swear (haha, see what I did there?) you will end up flipping the table to get back at me for my inventive foul language.


    Steven Lugo

    Next year we’ll have to add a backgammon room to the Gauntlet.


    R.S.A. Garcia

    I will have you all know that this final challenge was evil, and had me sweating for a while there.

    Foul language? Why yes, thank you.


    Chy Burch

    Excellent! Our evilry is very important to us. 😁



    Submitted. I might use a time machine and eliminate the competition, too. Wyrm’s Gauntlet is no place for nicety!



    Submitted! Just in the nick of time!

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