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    Steven Lugo

    And now it comes to this.

    We hope you have brought your fighting spirit to this final challenge, and all your moralizing talents. It’s time to ask yourselves what you believe. Or, rather, what can you make us believe? That remains to be seen. That is the challenge we are putting down.

    Final Challenge: “Aesop’s Morality”

    Your final challenge is to write a short story, using one of Aesop’s fables as a jumping off point. However, we are asking you to write a story that proves the opposite of the moral found in the story. This is a one-week challenge.

    We have stumbled across a grand resource in our travels, a repository of fables from one of the finest to ever do it. On this site, you can read as many of his works as you like, and even click to get random fables.

    There is one fable we have zeroed in on, “The Goat and the Goatherd.” The stated moral reads, “Facts speak plainer than words.” In this round, we would like a story that says just the opposite, where words speak plainer than facts. How you arrive at this lesson is up to you, and we’ll try not to hinder you much. We have no word limit on this challenge, or restrictions on graphic content. We just want a speculative fiction story that can be written within our one-week deadline. You will be judged heavily on how well, and how creatively, you use the prompt, and get to the opposite of Aesop’s moral.

    Submit by Sunday, November 13th @10PM EST

    Send us any of your questions or concerns, and let’s see your best.




    I’m going to be offline in the mountains for the next few days, but I got my entry in early. Best of luck to both of you still in with me, and much thanks to the judges!


    Princess Vee

    Greeting All Wyrm Folk,

    I just wanted to echo Daniel’s thoughts. Good luck with the judging, Wyrm Judges, and good luck to us, Wyrm Writers. It’s been a blast! Very much looking forward to the big reveal tomorrow! And I’ll start kicking around which piece of work I’ll send on to have critiqued.

    Have a fabulous Thursday evening!*

    *My time zone puts the Big Reveal at 4am Friday morning, so I’ll be sawing wood and find out a a few hours after most…

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