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    Sometimes the journey takes us places. It takes us away, to places we’ve heard about, but never seen. It takes us through the storms, to where angels fear to tread. Then, inexplicably, the journey takes us right back to the spot it all began.

    Here’s to the people we’ve lost since we’ve been away. And, here’s to the people who never went anywhere, who still believe. Here’s to you. Welcome to the return.

    First Challenge: The Little Storm

    Your First challenge is to read and review “Nanny Anne and the Christmas Story” by Karen Jay Fowler. It is currently available online at Subterranean Press.

    Here at the Gauntlet, we look for a lot in a review. Most importantly, we want your honest opinion. First of all, did you even like it? What did you make of the characters and the plot? Does the story hold up to scrutiny? What’s really going on in the story anyway? WYRM judges have read it. What have we missed?

    We’re not looking for a few technical notes. We want something that’s in-depth.

    Remember that from all of the contestants who’ve entered, only eight can advance to face the next challenge. We’re excited for what the future holds for you. We hope to see you later in the Gauntlet, but we know we won’t see everyone.

    Submit your review using our Submit an Entry form, here. You can post any questions or comments here in the forum.

    Your deadline is firm, and it is Tuesday, 10/5/21 @ 10PM EST

    All the best,

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    • This topic was modified 8 months ago by  Steven Lugo.
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