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    Steven Lugo

    Hello out there. You’ve found us at last! Welcome to the 2022 Gauntlet.

    If you’re looking for something different in a writing contest, or looking for a way to sharpen your abilities, then you have come to–quite frankly–the only place. The rumors are true. We put up real money for our winners, and do not take any publishing rights. We just want to see you go through an ordeal and become a successful author down the road someday. And hopefully, you’ll carry with you an appreciation for the gritty road it took you to get there.

    If you are returning to the cave of monsters, then let’s talk about the new format for the contest.

    Instead of a 2-week reviewing challenge in round 1, we are putting up a writing challenge with a 4-week deadline instead. The middle rounds basically remain the same. These are 1-week challenges. However, the Final Round will also have just a 1-week deadline. So, if you’re reading this in the midst of round 1, enjoy the honeymoon while it lasts.

    Looking forward to meeting you all,
    Steven of the Gauntlet



    Hi Stephen:

    I have many thanks for the four-week timeline. This is going to be an awesome adventure with words.



    Looking forward to another gauntlet, and digging the revised format!



    I like the writing challenge and time frame because it’s a nice change and it got my creativity going. Doing a review first step I found more of a challenge the first year I entered. Many thanks for the new changes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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