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    Steven Lugo

    Gauntlet fans, perhaps it was the layoff, perhaps it was what we habitually refer to as ‘real life,’ but, basically, the deadline won. Out of 30+ excited entrants, just 4 beat the two-week hourglass. So, congrats to those 4.

    WYRM’s Gauntlet has no extensions and no do-overs. Also, we’re sorry to say that there will be no direct email reminders. This is a free-to-enter tournament where we put the money up, and we just aren’t chasing people down to give it to them.

    We will, however, press on! To the 4 who beat the deadline, we now have this Sudden Death situation. You now face a shorter, but tougher, road to the tournament’s brass ring. You will take on a one-week Elimination Round, followed by the Final Round. The Gauntleteers facing Sudden Death are:

    R.S.A. Garcia

    We will be back tomorrow night at 10PM EST to announce the Elimination Round challenge. One Gauntleteer will be eliminated after this round, leaving the last 3, as per usual, to take on the Final Challenge. Remember that there is a one-week deadline.

    Stay tuned, and don’t let the forum die,



    Congrats, fellow Gauntleteers!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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