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    Steven Lugo

    Second Challenge: “WYRM Arcade”

    Greetings to the remaining challengers, and welcome to the next round! As we compete against one another and struggle onward, we ask you to remember one thing: it’s just a game after all. Speaking of which…

    Your Second Challenge is to review the storyline of a video game. The game in question is called What Remains of Edith Finch, developed by Giant Sparrow. The game was released in 2017. In your entry, include all the elements of an in-depth fiction review, especially your opinion of the characters and mysteries of the narrative.

    We ask that you remember a few things, too:

    – We know that a video game is not a book. However, it is a story. So, while we’re not expecting your comments regarding things like gameplay or graphics, we are looking for your opinions on the story of the Finch family, which plays out in the game.

    – We are not asking you to play this game for yourselves. You can if you wish, and if you already have, well, that’s a bonus. But we have included this longplay from YouTube, which takes you through everything without commentary. It’s a long video, but considering that it’s an entire video game, it’s actually pretty reasonable.

    – Finally, know something right off about this game. What it lacks in action, it more than makes up for in intrigue. In your review, please let us know your opinion of the Finch family curse, and of the many unspoken things that take place in this game.

    As always, you can ask us anything in this forum, and we’ll answer almost anything.

    Use the same submission form to send us your review within one week.

    ** As this challenge post was late by a few hours, we are extending your deadline by a day. Your new deadline for this challenge is Sunday, Oct 23 @10PM EST. **

    Good luck to all!


    Princess Vee

    Just a quick shout out to the Wyrms that make this all possible. I admit that I was not initially excited about the challenge this round, but ended up absolutely loving it. I had fun! So thanks a million!

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    Thanks for the brilliant excuse to play a new-to-me game!

    Sorry if you got my entry twice. The first time I tried to submit, WP just gave me an ominous page asking, “Are you sure you want to do this?” No option for yes or no. ?‍♀️


    Steven Lugo

    Thanks! It was new territory, even for mad scientists like us.


    Steven Lugo

    That does sound ominous. We only got your entry once, but I’ve seen as many as 4 of the same entry from an entrant haha, so no big deal. Glad you got in under the wire!

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