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    It felt like a triumphant return! But, it was also a lot of stumbling and learning for us, those who lurk behind the scenes of the Gauntlet.

    Frankly, we weren’t sure how it would go. It had been a year, and the world was different. Would the Gauntlet be remembered, and what would the level of interest be? Our expectations hadn’t changed, but…[Read more]

  • You woke up one day and decided you wanted to enter the Gauntlet. That’s on you. Then you entered into sudden death. That’s not our fault. Finally, a challenge worthy of both time and space came your way, and we find ourselves here. At the end. Do you want to know what happens at the end? Some goodbyes are usually said, and some feelings are…[Read more]

  • This, we do believe, is the end of sudden death.

    The Final Round has closed, and we have three major stories to read. Three prizes will be awarded, but there can be only one Champion. Thank you all, and please stay tuned. Results will be posted here on Monday, November 8th.

    See you all then,

  • Next year we’ll have to add a backgammon room to the Gauntlet.

  • Steven Lugo replied to the topic Final Challenge in the forum Gauntleteers 2021 7 months ago

    Here we are, several days into the challenge, and I’m just dying of curiosity. Have the three musketeers begun their stories yet? Do the parameters of the Final Round even make them bat an eyelash? Have they got even the slightest hint of trash talk within themselves?

  • Final Challenge: Time Enough For Us

    You’ve traversed the wasteland to get here, and survived elimination. Now, alas, we present the ultimate obstacle.

    Your Final Challenge is to write a story about time travel. However, in your story, no characters are allowed to travel through time.

    We want the best story you can write in 2 weeks, a story…[Read more]

  • We’ve come to the end of our fistful of letters, and after a difficult judging session backstage, we’ve got your results. We agreed on one thing unanimously, that we didn’t want to let anyone go this round. Unfortunately, time marches on, and an elimination must take place. The three Gauntleteers who will move on to face the Final Challenge…[Read more]

  • And that’s that. We’ve seen the end of our 1-week Elimination Round! We judges have to go read some letters and stories now.

    Results of the Elimination Round will be posted on October 19th, and our final Challenge will be announced a day later on October 20th. Stay tuned to this forum!

  • 3 days gone, and 4 left to make some magic. We hope you’re hard at work, imagining us as your very own serpentine pen pal. Deadline: October 16th.

  • Elimination Round Challenge: “A Fistful of Letters”

    Welcome to Gauntlet Sudden Death. With two challenges coming at you over the next week or so, it’s not extremely sudden. But it’s a lot more sudden than it would have been originally. You’re now in the Elimination Round, where we will have to say goodbye to one of our brave entrants. Here we…[Read more]

  • Gauntlet fans, perhaps it was the layoff, perhaps it was what we habitually refer to as ‘real life,’ but, basically, the deadline won. Out of 30+ excited entrants, just 4 beat the two-week hourglass. So, congrats to those 4.

    WYRM’s Gauntlet has no extensions and no do-overs. Also, we’re sorry to say that there will be no direct email reminde…[Read more]

  • And the sand has just run out.

    That will do it for the First Round of this year’s Gauntlet. We hoped you all enjoyed reading “Nanny Anne and the Christmas Story”. And, if you didn’t, we hope you enjoyed being able to tell us why. Watching you delve into it was certainly fun for us.

    We will have the results of this round, as well as an update…[Read more]

  • Well, we have a few entries in, and we must say the Gauntleteer spirit is with you!

    We hope the rest of you are working on your reviews. Does anyone have a question about how to submit their entry?

  • It’s good to see new and returning faces this year!

  • A week has expired, and one remains to complete this first challenge. Is everybody still with us?

  • Sometimes the journey takes us places. It takes us away, to places we’ve heard about, but never seen. It takes us through the storms, to where angels fear to tread. Then, inexplicably, the journey takes us right back to the spot it all began.

    Here’s to the people we’ve lost since we’ve been away. And, here’s to the people who never went…[Read more]

  • You have entered an area filled with monsters and danger. Post a comment if you wish to continue.

  • With this bulletin, the Gauntlet will close out for another year. For this writer it will be a memorable one for a couple of reasons. The first being that we set a record for the number of entrants into the competition at 58, and because I was going so hard with my WYRM crew that I landed myself in the Goddamn hospital. I guess I know to be ready…[Read more]

  • Gauntlet Fan #1: You know, I’m surprised they keep letting us announce the Gauntlet Champions every year. I mean, it’s an honor for fanatics like us.
    Gauntlet Fan #2: Seeing the way you carry on, I’m more surprised they haven’t kicked us both out of the venue by now.
    Fan #1: I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now, gimme your hot…

    [Read more]

  • Your two-week writing time limit has expired. It’s amazing how quickly the Final Round has come and gone! As of my latest check, we have received all three final challenge entries. That’s the good news. The bad news is that only one of you can become champion. So it’s time to find out who is able to strike fear into our hearts.

    While we go off to…[Read more]

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