Gauntlet Open. Will You Sign Up This Year?

Well, here we are. On the precipice. At the threshold. The tipping point, about to go over the edge. We don’t know what’s down there waiting for us at the bottom, but it will surely be a fun ride.

The Gauntlet, Literature’s challenge of legend, has arrived. If you can write fiction and fiction reviews, and have even the smallest of chips on your shoulder, you should sign up. A combined $275, critique of your work, and priceless plugs, are up for grabs. And by the way, it’s free to enter. You just have to fill out this thing.

Maybe it’s too complex. Maybe the tough schedule just doesn’t work for you, or we organizers are too churlish for your refined tastes. Or maybe the only one holding you back is you.

New Site Design, Same Indie Gauntlet

Yep, we’ve just had a redesign, facelift, a splash of color, and, well–have we ever looked better?

Time to clean up a bit, and have a Gauntlet. You can keep up with us here, or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and news because things are going off soon!