Still Not Sure? Let’s Clear Some Things Up.

Are you like that American swing voter who needs to be sure that all the candidates are really over the age of thirty-five, before you’ll go to the polls? Are you the sort of fashion cop who won’t sit with us just because we wore sweatpants two days in a row?

Well, we’re here for the people who are interested, but have questions or concerns before they take us on.

  • The biggest question we get is about our contest timeline. Sorry if that’s not handy, or in the same spot as it was a year ago. We keep that on ‘The Challenges’ page, under both the ‘Guidelines’ and ‘Gauntleteers’ tab now. Here:
  • Also, we are experiencing issues contacting users automatically who have a hotmail/msn/outlook email via the site (myself included). If this applies to you, please allow some extra time for us to reach you from our separate email.
  • Lastly, in any competitive format, there are always those who have a gripe. You do yourselves no favors by whispering about your gripe. Don’t keep your gripe to yourself, or succumb to gripe gossip. We will not hear it! Seriously, contact us here, or sign up for the forum, and air it out in front of a crowd. We ain’t scared. And we don’t bite either.


One comment on “Still Not Sure? Let’s Clear Some Things Up.

  1. flintonlaubakersmith on

    And yet, these teeth marks are still on my arm from last year!
    Oh, wait. I put those there myself. Never mind, then. Carry on…


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