The Prizes

Win a little bit of cash, and a whole lot of cred.

WYRM’s Gauntlet isn’t a market for fiction; it’s a throw down for readers and writers. But if you win, if you outlast ’em all, we will list your name, your website/blog, and your story’s working title (along with an excerpt, if you prefer) on the champs’ page forever. And we’ll tell the rest of the Internet just how hard you rocked us. We encourage you to workshop your story after that, and take it anywhere you want.

Hey, we’re underground, and are offering what we can. But the dirty little secret is that Mark Twain entered this thing, then wrote Huck Finn. Get me?

We Also Offer This


Prize: $200.00USD Cash, a Handsome Championship Pin & 1 In-Depth Critique
Distribution: Paypal or Personal Check
Details: We award $200 cash (PayPal or personal check) to the last person standing, the Gauntlet Champion. We also will give the winner a Gauntlet Champion’s pin and an in-depth review / critique of a fiction piece of his or her choosing (short story or chapter.) This tenacious person will also be listed on the short and prestigious list of past winners, on this website.

First Runner-Up

Prize: $85.00USD Cash & 1 In-Depth Critique
Distribution: PayPal or Personal Check
Details: We award the First Runner-Up $85 cash (PayPal or personal check), and offer the same in-depth review to him or her.

Second Runner-Up

Prize: $65.00USD Cash & 1 In-Depth Critique
Distribution: PayPal or Personal Check
Details: The Second Runner-Up will receive $65 cash (PayPal or personal check), and the in-depth review.

** There is no entry fee for this contest. There are only the punk-rocking sounds of pens and pencils on paper, and keyboards on skin. So, is there anybody out there? Is there an echo in this room? Can we get an amen? ‘Cause here comes WYRM’s Gauntlet.

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