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    Steven Lugo

    Hey everyone,

    We now stand in January with the Gauntlet behind us. We tried some new things, and even made a new schedule. We would go on to crown a very game returning champion. We learned some important things:

    1.) A thousand generations is a very long time, but people haven’t changed much through the years. They’re still people after all.

    2.) Your belief in a video game’s family curse may be the one thing keeping your own family safe.

    3.) Sometimes prologues aren’t the answer, but they can be a whole lot of fun.

    4.) Aesop was great, but your ability to twist his moral messages was great to watch in real time.

    Without further ado, here’s your once-per-year look backstage into the Gauntlet, and how it all came together.

    All Gauntlet imagery, and the whole Gauntlet website, was created by: Khanh Mai

    Your Gauntlet judges have been: Chy Burch, J.B. Ezar, Tobias Backman, and Steven Lugo

    2022 challenges were created by: Chy Burch, J.B. Ezar, Tobias Backman, Khanh Mai, and Steven Lugo

    WYRM’s Gauntlet is: a Steven Lugo dream, and a WYRM production

    Special thanks to: Open Call on Facebook, Giant Sparrow, who developed the Edith Finch video game, author Ashutosh Jain, Aesop himself, everyone who signed up to run, and who had the guts to run like mad.

    Our New Year’s Resolutions are:

    1.) To keep trying new adventurous things
    2.) To keep in better touch throughout the year
    3.) To aim for a Summer Gauntlet rather than a holiday one
    4.) To get the biggest turnout possible

    Until next time, don’t forget us, and remember that you’ve always had everything you need. You’ll find it within.

    Keep up the fighting spirit,

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