• Welcome, one and all. It’s happening again. This is the place to be if you’re competing, studying, or hanging out. It’s the best place for questions, and the best place on Earth. We’re ready for you writers and reviewers.

  • Often when there is so much to say, not enough gets said. It’s hard for the words not to get caught on themselves. Finally the words don’t just come out; they pour out. So, let us say on behalf of every member of WYRM, thank you. Thank you for participating in the tournament, and for the signal boosting you may have done, to make this event more…[Read more]

  • Gauntlet Fan #1: Oh look, time for them to come out from their smoke-filled backroom. They better have the results we’ve been waiting for.
    Gauntlet Fan #2: Hey, take it easy. Judging the Finals takes time, and is tough.
    Gauntlet Fan #1: Whatever. I’m paying good money to be entertained, and to experience some creative passion here.
    Gauntlet Fan…

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  • This morning I got a message from our 2015 Gauntlet Champion, Dimitra. She wanted to tell me that her winning story from that year, “Blindness” has been published! It will be appearing in See the Elephant, Issue 4 through Metaphysical Circus, which you can read about here.

    If you want to send Dimitra a well-wish, she can most times be found on…[Read more]

  • And suddenly, the end had come.

    We have received 3/3 entries for the final challenge, and cannot thank you enough for your enthusiasm and participation. With stories in hand, we now retire to our dungeon to judge, and render final results.

    No matter how the order shakes out, you have all already earned an in-depth critique from us. Start…[Read more]

  • Totally up to you. Personally, I think if you’ve met the challenge then the word/concept should be pretty clear anyhow.

  • Can you believe that 4 days remain? How are your stories coming, Gauntleteers?!

  • [lights]
    [sound check]
    [deep breaths]
    [letting it go]
    [letting it fly]

    Final Challenge: “The Phantom Word”

    In your final Gauntlet story ‘the word’ cannot exist. It must not be found. The concept, on the other hand, should ring as clearly as a bell. It should be fully understood. This word, this concept, in question is entirel…[Read more]

  • Here we are with your results for the 3rd Challenge. I’m not sure how the rest of you guys feel, but it seems like this Gauntlet has flown by. This particular challenge was, quietly, one of the most complex ones we’ve done. It was a review, but the material was tricky. With a first chapter, you don’t necessarily have the entire story in hand, and…[Read more]

  • We have reached our 3rd round deadline and received 5 out of 5 entries. Soon, there will be just 3 Gauntleteers. We judges now go behind closed doors to determine who advances to face the Final Challenge.

    We will have results on Oct. 4th. Don’t go too far.

    Best of luck,

  • Wash.

  • Steven Lugo replied to the topic Round Two Results in the forum Gauntleteers 2018 11 months ago

    Ha! Hope to see you around, Nishank!

  • Gauntlet survivors, it’s time for some fresh territory in the here and now. It’s back to reviewing again, but we’re moving away from controversy and toward the world of a certain fandom. We call this round:

    Third Challenge: “Leaf on the Wind”

    Your next challenge is to pursue a fanfiction penned by famous author, Steven Brust. He wrote a novel…

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  • After sifting through a great crop of stories, we’ve reached our results for the second challenge. We must thank you for the high level of writing you all produced, and to anyone who has not advanced to face the next trial, remember that you are always welcome within the gates of Gauntlet City.

    And now, in no particular order, here are the 5…[Read more]

  • Eight advanced to this stage and faced the challenge, and now the week is over. We’ve got some reading and judging to do! This one should be interesting to say the least. We shall return with the results of “Don’t Dream It’s Over” on Sep 23. As the tournament goes, just five can advance to the next challenge. Stay tuned, and cue the evil laughter.


  • I was thinking the same thing, Clive. [leans forward in great anticipation of stories]

  • Second Challenge: Don’t Dream It’s Over

    This challenge is about so much more than a Crowded House reference.

    If you thought you had put last round’s story behind you, and that you were through sifting around the mind of Ellison, you’d better think again. Except, this time, you get to do things your own way, and take the story further than be…[Read more]

  • Well, it took us right down to the wire, but we have your results for the First Challenge. Let us say a few things before we get to that. Overall, we were very impressed by the level of research that went into these reviews. There were a lot of strong submissions, and ranking them did get murky for us back there.

    The sheer fact Harlan Ellison…[Read more]

  • Happy to have you, Gustavo!

    Hey Lynn, we’ve been searching for the gatekeeper for a while now.

  • Yeah, I totally second Nina’s story suggestions. He did write for Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, too. If you’ve seen the first Terminator, his screenplays heavily influenced that. I’ll add one more recommendation, a nonfiction book about TV from the 60’s called “The Glass Teat.”

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